We’re back after a slightly longer abscence than usual, to look at how the 8 teams have performed of late. The league has been hard hit by postponements due to the pandemic and snow storms, in Texas of all places, with some teams taking bigger hits than others.

We’ve also…

A return to normality of sorts as we pass the 1/4 way point in the fantasy season. …

It’s been the roughest and least predictable fortnight in the 4 years I’ve been playing fantasy basketball. As a result, this edition of the power rankings comes with a huge caveat; much of the difference between teams performance has come down to who had the least games postponed. …

After what seems like an age, fantasy basketball is back, and with it your fortnightly dose of rankings goodness returns.

Post draft it was difficult to get a read on who the early favourites were to take home the Monday Morning Tears title and two weeks in, the picture isn’t…

Monday Morning Tears: Power Rankings Weeks 15 & 16 Edition.

The end of the regular fantasy season is edging ever closer and the playoff fight is getting fiercer by the day. Who has managed to speerate themselves from the pack and who has started to run out of steam? …

The final 3rd of our fantasy regular season is now upon us and the race for those precious playoff positions continues to be closely fought.

Star Performer: James Harden

We have arrived at the midway point of the fantasy season and with it the festive season. Who was top of the tree? Who was the unwanted Bounty Bar at the bottom of the Celebrations box? Read on and find out.

Star Performer: James Harden

The league remains closely contested outside of the team at the very top and the team at the very bottom.

Star Performer: Anthony Davis

No surprises here as the best player in fantasy basketball continues to be utterly dominant. Basketball Monster have his value pegged at 1.4 over the weeks…

Monday Morning Tears Power Rankings: Week 5 & 6 edition

Star Performer: Anthony Davis

Each month we’ll be bringing you a roundup of the trades that took place and doing a little evaluation utilising Hashtag Basketball’s Trade Analyzer (available as part of their premium tools that are free to sign up for at https://hashtagbasketball.com/yahoo-fantasy-basketball/ )

Historically the leagues trade market starts a little slowly…

Friday Night Hoops

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