MMT Power Rankings: Weeks 7–9 Edition

We’re back after a slightly longer abscence than usual, to look at how the 8 teams have performed of late. The league has been hard hit by postponements due to the pandemic and snow storms, in Texas of all places, with some teams taking bigger hits than others.

We’ve also seen a large number of trades and transactions, more so than we’ve had in previous years which is really good for the league as a whole.

Someone finally knocked Jokic off of the top spot after 4 weeks there. Steph has been absolutely monstrous, raining down 3’s on every team he’s faced and doing it on incredible efficiency.

In other exciting news, after week 8 the league managed to complete the circle of parity, as demonstrated below by 808’s handy graphic.

The following records were broken over the past three weeks;

Points: 925 by I tHinkie Knows Best (was 846 by Post Up Dreams)

Rebounds: 321 by Post Up Dreams (was 313 by Post Up Dreams)

Assists: 203 by 808’s & Fastbreaks (was 195 by 808’s & Fastbreaks)

Now on to our power rankings.

Not helped by an inability to get their team over the 30 game mark more than once in the last 3 weeks, PWT has plummeted from his position in the last edition. They are just about holding on to a playoff spot at the moment but need things to change quickly if they are to stay there.

Key Player: Julius Randle (46th, Free Agent) has a huge role for the Knicks and has taken a big step up in his production this season, with particular improvements in the number of 3’s he is making, as well as his efficiency stats.

One to Watch: Victor Oladipo hasn’t been able to play enough to fully settle in to life in Houston. We all know what he is capable of when healthy, especially pre-injury. PWT will be hoping he can rediscover something close to that level.

Best Categories: FT%, Turnovers

Despite chalking up a win against 808’s in week 9, it’s been a rough 3 weeks of comparative performances for this team after what was looking like a resurgence. Mitchell and Murray are playing better of late though, but without a healthy Davis there’s a ceiling on what this team can do. They made a trade over the weekend which might shift the needle, though wether that’s in the direction they’d like is anyone’s guess.

Key Player: Terry Rozier (30th, Free Agent). Despite the Hornets missing games over the past few weeks (Rozier played 7 vs the 10–12 that most others ranked around him played), Scary Terry put up enough great performances to find himself 30th in total value.

One to Watch: OG Anunoby is coming off an extended period on the sidelines. Prior to going down he was amongst the leagues leaders in steals and was contributing well in FG%, 3’s and rebounds. Plus he’s technically the best British mens basketball player.

Best Categories: 3PTM, FT%


The season started brightly for RUW on the back of big performances from the likes of Brogdon and Brown, but due to a combination of poor performances and poor health, the wheels have come off a bit. They’ve still got some veery good players on their roster so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them bounce back.

Key Player: Zion Williamson (13th, Keeper) has been a FG% cornerstone, averaging 66% on 15 attempts a game. He’s also made big improvements to his FT% and helps out in almost every other category. The keeper decision looks pretty good right now.

One to Watch: Jaylen Brown was ranked outside of the top 120 over the past 3 weeks, largely down to his awful shooting. That will likely trend back towards his average so expect to see a big improvement from him in the coming weeks.

Best Categories: FT%, Rebounds

It took until week 8 to record their 1st matchup victory but their 2nd came immediately after. With the addition of Adebayo, though at a cost, and the return of Butler, they look a tough team to beat and could see themselves continue to close the gap on the playoff contenders over the coming weeks. I love seeing teams make bold moves.

Key Player: Brandon Ingram (8th, Pick 57). Have the Pelicans hired a new shooting coach in the past year? I ask because their young core have all made significant jumps in their efficiency either from the field or the line. For Ingram this has helped him cement the big leap he made last season, solidifying his place as a top 35 player in fantasy.

One to Watch: Davis Bertans has started to benefit from the Wizards improving a bit. In week 10 he’ll have 5 games which could really help this GM out, especially if he can continue to shoot this well.

Best Categories: FT%, Points, Assists

3. Post Up Dreams (No Change)

They’ve made the big leap from last time round stick, and now find themselves occupying a playoff spot. The next two weeks bring a big test in matchups against teams 1 and 2 in this editions power rankings, which will allow us to see how successful the trades they have recently made will be.

Key Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo (3rd, Keeper) is finally producing like one of the best guys in fantasy basketball. He makes big contributions in almost every category and rarely misses games.

One to Watch: Ja Morant has been shooting horribly of late, shooting 41% over the last 3 weeks, down considerably from the 47% he shot last season. This isn’t likely to stick, though Morant does seem to have a bright green light to shoot in Memphis.

Best Categories: FG%, Rebounds, Blocks

Pivoted from punting FG% to being the best team in the league at it and sticking firmly with the mantra that sunk cost is a fallacy, which is how I’m justifying all of my recent moves.

Key Player: Lonzo Ball (16th, Free Agent) has seemingly addressed some of the issues that were holding back his ability to contribute as a fantasy player. There are rumours he could be traded to the Bulls, which could be great for his production.

One to Watch: Nerlens Noel has a big opportunity to step up in the abscence of Mitchell Robinson, though that still might only make him a blocks and FG% streamer.

Best Categories: FG%, FT%, Blocks

  1. 808’s & Fastbreaks (No Change)

Top for yet another edition, despite the sporadic abscences of some of their better players and the long term abscence of others. They are however helped by Harden, FVV and Vucevic occupying places 4,5 and 6 in total value over the past three weeks, with three others making the top 20. A glimmer of hope did however emerge for the rest of us, in the shape of Views From The 6 notching up a W against them in week 9.

Key Player: Robert Covington (14th, Pick 40) has been a dud for much of the season, but has finally got his form back, in particular registering big steal and block numbers. Unlikly to see his role change much until after All Star Break, when McCollum and Nurkic potentially return.

One to Watch: LaMelo Ball is really fun to watch and the front runner for Rookie of the Year as it stands. Josh Lloyd has him as a top 30 guy rest of season.

Best Categories: Assists, Rebounds, Steals

That’s a wrap for this edition, we’ll see you after Week 11!

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