Monday Morning Tears Power Rankings: Week 9, 10, 11 & 12 Edition

We have arrived at the midway point of the fantasy season and with it the festive season. Who was top of the tree? Who was the unwanted Bounty Bar at the bottom of the Celebrations box? Read on and find out.

Star Performer: James Harden

There are few words to describe what Harden has done recently, putting the Rockets on his back and dominating fantasy.

In reverse order…

8th: Take That For Data (Down 2)

It’s been a steady descent but it’s finally complete. The injuries have piled up but so have the poor performances. Only Nikola Jokic finished in Basketball Monsters top 12 over the past month whilst the rest of the team has been a combination of hurt or mediocre, possibly with the exception of Luka Doncic. They can take solace in still being in and around the playoff spots having snatched a couple of fortunate wins where they beat their opponent despite putting in a worse overall performance.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: New Orleans Pelicans. Built around a dominant big man that can do it all. Jokic is fantasy gold and stuffs the stats. If the supporting cast is healthy this team can take down anyone.

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Miami Heat. If The Joker goes down or has a quiet night or week… This team is solid but without a 2nd or 3rd star. Don’t sleep on them though… like The Heat they can take a scalp.

Last 4 Weeks: 4–5 vs Better Call Gasol; 5–4 vs Still Feathery; 5–4 vs Post Up Dreams; 3–6 vs Metta World War 3

Key Player: Luka Doncic (57th, Pick 81 then Traded)

Best Categories: FT%, 3PTM, Assists

7th: Metta World War 3 (Up 1)

Only just off the bottom, more down to Take That for Data’s ineptitude than any great performance from the Metta crew. Jusuf Nurkic has been a real bright spot though, putting in a top 24 performance over the past 4 weeks, combined with both Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard remaining healthy and consistent. Marc Gasol has also got his act together recently. They are still well in the playoff mix though after a mixed bag of results and despite some below average performances so it’s all still to play for, especially if they can add some depth to their bench and set their lineups consistently.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: Portland Trailblazers. When firing Meta has a killer back court that will torture teams all week. 3s reigning supreme — all hail kings Curry and Lillard.

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Charlotte Hornets: A team heavily dependent on one player (Stephen Curry) with an at times apathetic owner.

Last 4 Weeks: 4–5 vs Post Up Dreams; 6–3 vs Views from the 6; 3–6 vs Russlin’ Up W’s; 6–3 vs Take That For Data

Key Player: Jusuf Nurkic (24th, Undrafted, then traded)

Best Categories: FT%, Assists, Turnovers

6th: Russlin’ Up W’s (Down 2)

There’s very little separating the 6th through 3rd placed teams and Russlin’ still find themselves in the playoff spots. Their top players aren’t under performing but a combination of Butler and Kawhi still missing some games and Westbrooks shooting struggles are keeping them from really fulfilling their potential. Gallinari continues to look like and inspired pickup though, finishing as the 13th ranked player over the past 4 game weeks.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: OKC Thunder. This team can put up defensive stats. Like OKC, the defensive ability of Kahwi, Russ, and Butler can lock teams down.

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: OKC Thunder. Russ is Russ. While Russlin can russle up lock down D… The offensive efficiency can be a problem with Russ and Butler. Inconsistency may well be Russlin up W’s downfall.

Last 4 Weeks: 4–5 vs Still Feathery; 3–6 vs Post Up Dreams; 6–3 vs Metta World War 3; 5–3 vs Views from the 6

Key Player: Danilo Gallinari (13th, Undrafted)

Best Categories: FG%, Rebounds, Steals

5th: Views From The 6 (No Change)

This team suffer from maddening inconsistency. One week they’ll light up 3 or 4 categories and then the next week it’ll be another few categories that they excel at. The potential is clearly there, especially with Davis, Ayton and Sabonis continuing to be incredible, but they may need a stronger punt strategy to really get them over the edge and start turning some of those L’s into W’s. If they can get Chris Paul and Kevin Love back soon, or get some big performances from the rest of their roster, they could still make a big push for a playoff spot.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: LA Clippers. One gets the feeling that this is a team one player away from a dynasty. The team is formed of mostly very capable vets (a few younger players in there for good measure). If Views GM can engineer a move before the trade deadline they could easily climb the table…

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Washington Wizards. The talent is there but just can’t put it all together and as a result regularly come up short.

Last 4 Weeks: 2–7 vs 808’s & Fastbreaks; 3–6 vs Metta World War 3; 4–5 vs Better Call Gasol; 3–5 vs Russlin’ Up W’s

Key Player: DeAndre Ayton (6th, Pick 76)

Best Categories: FG%, FT%, Turnovers

4th: Better Call Gasol (Down 2)

Despite their 4th position here, performances are trending in the wrong direction for Better Call Gasol. Losing Lebron has been tough and Karl-Anthony Towns can’t make up for that production on his own. Markannen and Brogdon have both chipped in more than expected and Larry Nance Jr has performed well, but Kemba Walker has quietened down after a hot start and Lowry has missed time. The league is so close at the moment that all it takes is a couple of losses to tumble, or a couple of wins to jump up the table. Better Call Gasol will be one of the more interesting stories to follow over the coming weeks.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: Phillidelphia 76ers. When BCGs big players are firing this is a team that will be very tough to beat. Not many teams can hang with the Sixers big 3 (the depth is the real concern).

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Memphis Grizzlies. A bright start for the team has given way to a skid of Memphis Grizzlies proportions. Which is the true team? The early hot streak or the recent skid… time will tell.

Last 4 Weeks: 5–4 vs Take That for Data; 3–5 vs 808’s & Fastbreaks; 5–4 vs Views from the 6; 2–6 vs Still Feathery.

Key Player: Karl-Anthony Towns (4th, Top Keeper)

Best Categories: 3PTM, Steals, Blocks

3rd: 808’s & Fastbreaks (No Change)

808’s & Fastbreaks have been the model of consistency, maintaining their 3rd place position for the 3rd edition straight and those performances have translated into much improved league positioning. James Harden continues to put in historic performances and LaMarcus Aldridge has really picked up his game over the past month. Thaddeus Young has proved to be a good pickup, contributing steals and FG%. They might be a little concerned by their week 11 & 12 performances though and will hope to get back to winning ways quickly.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: Denver Nuggets. Clearly lead by a talented talisman, with talent throughout the roster. Do they have the killer edge that will be needed to win it all though?

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: LA Lakers. Again a talented leader but blow hot and cold, blowing teams out one week only to be beat up on the following week.

Last 4 Weeks: 7–2 vs Views from the 6; 5–3 vs Better Call Gasol; 4–5 vs Still Feathery; 2–7 vs Post Up Dreams

Key Player: James Harden (1st, Top Keeper)

Best Categories: FG%, Points, Rebounds

2nd: Still Feathery (Down 1)

Someones only gone and knocked them off their perch (at least in our power rankings). This is less down to them being worse and more due to the team in 1st being unbelievably good. Trading for Myles Turner has worked out for both parties but Still Feathery looks to have the edge here despite Nurkic playing very well. The top players on this team are all playing very well and it’ll still take some going for anyone to finish above them to take the top playoff seed, especially with Cousins pencilled in to return on January 18th, though as we have seen, anyone can be beaten.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: Golden State Warriors. This team are so deep at the top of their roster and if they stay healthy it’ll take some doing to beat them.

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Philadelphia 76ers. Tanked and as a result managed to build a contending team but maybe they have a fatal flaw that holds them back from true glory.

Last 4 Weeks: 5–4 vs Russlin’ Up W’s; 4–5 vs Take That for Data; 5–4 vs 808’s & Fastbreaks; 6–2 vs Better Call Gasol

Key Player: Myles Turner (15th, Pick 40 then Traded)

Best Categories: 3PTM, Rebounds, Blocks

1st: Post Up Dreams (Up 6)

We may never see a climb this big again and I had to go back and check that my numbers weren’t wrong after this result. After a really rough start to the season it all seems to be coming together for Post Up Dreams. The risky move for Paul George is certainly paying off right now as he combines with Giannis and Embiid to form a deadly trio. They took a couple of big scalps during the past few weeks with both Russlin’ and 808’s being dispatched in firm fashion, but somewhat headscratchingly fell to Take That for Data despite leading right down to the final moments. Is this editions performance the sign of a real resurgence or merely a cruel taste of what might have been? Only time will tell.

NBA Equivalent At Their Best: OKC Thunder. They have the top end talent to mix it up with the best of them but do the surrounding cast have enough about them to get to the promised land

NBA Equivalent At Their Worst: Phoenix Suns. Their ability to draft is deeply suspect and this might be what holds them back from ever really making waves in this league.

Last 4 Weeks: 5–4 vs Metta World War 3; 6–3 vs Russlin’ Up W’s; 4–5 vs Take That for Data; 7–2 vs 808’s & Fastbreaks

Key Player: Paul George (2nd, Traded for 3rd Keeper)

Best Categories: 3PTM, Points, Rebounds

The Power Rankings will return after week 14.




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